It is the beginning of another year of great choral music, a time that the singers of Musaic Vocal Ensemble await with anticipation.  And this year is an especially exciting time for Musaic as we welcome our new musical director, Frances Chiasson.  Those of you familiar with Musaic will know that our ensemble reached new heights in musical expression in the last number of years under the creative and inspirational direction of Tracy Stuchbery.  To say that we were sorry to learn she was leaving for a new life in Toronto would be an understatement.  But sometimes fate is kind! Tracy led us to one of her friends and peers in choral direction and we have now found a new musical energy in the marvelous talent of Frances.  You will be very interested and impressed by her extensive musical history, which I encourage you to read at the “About Us” button.

Musaic Vocal Ensemble is an established secular community choir which draws upon a broad cross-section of the choral music repertoire.  Our audiences experience arrangements of traditional songs from many cultures, large pieces from the classical era, liturgical music and selections by modern composers.  In addition, in the last three years Musaic has been presenting new, exciting and award-winning compositions by composers and singers in our ensemble, Nick Kelly and Brian Mapplebeck.  In the Spring of 2017, moved by painful world events, the choir performed James Whitbourn’s “Annelies”, an oratorio based on the story and words of Anne Frank.  The selection of emotionally and technically demanding works like “Annelies” not only inform and move the audience but increase the interpretive capacity of the choir.


And, while speaking of interpretation, we are very fortunate to have Dennis Nordlund as our rehearsal and performance piano accompanist. His keen artistic grasp of a composition’s demands is essential in creating a cohesive sound. Each year Musaic Vocal Ensemble performs two, sometimes three concerts for the Christmas season and as many as four concerts in the spring.  We occasionally perform on request for special, celebratory functions such as citizenship ceremonies or the honouring of a special person or place. 


Perhaps you have been thinking of joining the choral community.  We are an auditioned choir of between forty to fifty voices and we warmly welcome new singers. Feel free to contact Frances if you are interested.
It is probably not necessary for me to tell you of the joy in participating in choral singing.  The happiness that comes with the joining of hearts and minds as singers raise voices together has certainly been experienced since the earliest times.  It is reward enough to sing only for ourselves but it is a gratifying experience to sing for you.  Thank you very much for your continued support.      


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